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Solar energy is beautiful

Robisol® is committed to beautiful applications of solar panels.

Solar energy supplies the possibility to make money while preventing the pollution of our planet. And that does not imply an industrial style.

To provide access to these beautiful applications to the public at large, Robisol® makes sure to balance price and aesthetics. The Kyroof and B35 System use framed solar panels that we integrate stylishly into roofs and walls.

The BiTile System provides even more beauty: In this system smaller frameless modules are mounted much like tiles or shingles are, which allows us to replace the entire roof with solar panels. 

All our solar roofing will fill out perfectly around roof lights, chimneys and roof ends and because the solar panels are used as the water seal, all three systems will spare out the cost of underlying traditional roofing. Using full black solar modules and a neat finish we can support both classic and traditional styles. 

Our engineering department will gladly help you to create a design that matches the architecture of your building and design ideas, including full customization.